Hand Made

Custom Instruments

We take your dreams and our knowledge to combine them into the ultimate custom instrument. Bringing your dreams to reality just starting at $1299 with a FREE quote!

We believe the right exotic tone woods are very essential to achieve the right appearance, sound, and overall feel for a one of its kind instrument! 

We have a wide variety and access to many different woods to help you find just the right piece to match YOU!

Stained Birds Eye Maple

The highest quality tools and materials are used to craft your instruments to make sure you have a genuine build that won't wear out for ages to come!

Birds Eye Maple & Cypress Tele

All with Made In USA & Japan hardware

The most in depth ideas are put into place with each instrument created. Attention to detail is a main key in what makes all of our instruments stand out to the rest in all aspects.

Innovation is very important to us; so if you ever have a crazy idea. We can test it and put it into the works to make your guitar even more a of a gem to you!

On your custom instrument, you new thoughts become a ground breaking reality.

Custom Semi-Hollow Body Pattern

By the end of the typically one month long process. YOU will have an amazing custom instrument that fits and sounds like your true personality.

The instrument will be like no other and have everyone around you falling in love to the sound and look of your guitar!

100% Canary Wood Acoustic

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